11 January 2019

Robotic demolition increases safety. The equipment is very compact but highly effective, making it ideal for small, enclosed spaces that other machines would be unable to reach.

Demolishing concrete is hard, time-consuming, potentially hazardous work, regardless of projects conditions. Selectively demolishing concrete within an existing structure, with a tight deadline, and no space to accommodate a skidsteer or excavator is an even more daunting job. Under such constraints, our demolition robots come into their own.

These machines look like mini-excavators, but without cabs. They run on tracks and have hydraulically powered arms to which breakers, crushers, drills, or loader buckets can be attached. Within our fleet we have robots small enough to fit onto passenger elevators, pass through standard doorways, and even travel up and down stairs, through to units so big they make the holes in the walls to get in.

Under their hoods, though, they have electric motors driving their hydraulic systems. And they deliver an exceptional amount of breaking power for such modest-sized equipment.

Operators control the robots’ actions remotely, using conventional joystick consoles that they carry or strap to their bodies at a safe distance from the work front. We also have 3d Camera systems that can be mounted on the unit or within the confined space so that no entry is required.