Complete range of environmentally friendly and efficient robotic rock and concrete drilling services.

Robotics has been used in many industries for decades and has proven to be reliable and robust, having been deployed for many purposes, including metal inert gas (MIG) welding, sand blasting, plasma cutting and in mining, for replacing conveyer rollers while the conveyer is still in operation. Though the physical look of industrial robots may not have changed in recent years the technology driving the robots has advanced significantly and the programmable controllers driving these robots are now much smaller and smarter than ever.

Robotic Core Drilling

Hand held percussive rock drills can be used to drill holes in rock or concrete. They are much faster than coring up to sizes of about 100mm and produce more spoils, however the speed increase is sometimes worth the extra clean up. We employ specialised tunnelling rock breakers and percussive rock drills when there is no re-enforcement steel or risks associated with using percussive methods.

We own electrically powered and limited access drills designed to safely and quietly install micro-piles and grout holes. Our wide range of electric drilling power makes limited access drills perfect for operating through narrow or low entrances/exits, under buildings, or in tunnels and mining applications. The units require no separate power pack, reduces noise and fumes and removes the need for bulky hydraulic hoses throughout the drilling area.

Confined Area Tunnelling

Tunnelling robotic breakers are excellent tools in confined areas where conventional breakers are unable to go. Their design allows the percussive force to be delivered perpendicular to the direction of travel, not down or obliquely as in the case of normal rock breakers. This class of tool is remotely controlled so the operator can work from a safe distance from the machine. Like all breakers, they are not effective when there is a lot of steel in the structure.

We typically use a rock breaker when:

  • The block is separate from the structure
  • There is limited re-enforcing steel
  • There is no risk to the structure from micro cracking

The safety of our people is at the forefront of everything our company does. We are excited about the use of unique robotic equipment and to offer to our clients an intrinsically safer method of rock drilling that removes all personnel from the physical process. We have a great team of people onboard and want our people to be safe, and we will continue to push the envelope in how we go about doing that including utilising the knowledge we have gained in robotics and their potential to revolutionise how we work.

If you are interested in learning more about our Robotic Rock and Concrete Drilling services, please contact our friendly team.