Removal of large quantities of material fast, while leaving the steel reinforcement in place in areas where robotics are not feasible.

Water Jet Power

Where hydro demolition robots are not possible, we utilise traditional methods of hand lancing, particularly within tight constrained areas.

Utilising the latest technology in high pressure water jets, manual hydro demolition lancing is the perfect alternative to robotic hydro demolition under the following circumstances:

  • Accessibility Restrictions - Where access is restricted and it would be impossible (or difficult) to utilise robotics, concrete removal is possible using manual lance hydro demolition.
  • Restricted Water Supply - Where access to a water supply is either restricted or limited, concrete removal can be achieved using manual lance hydro demolition, removing the requirement of a fixed water supply.
  • A Smaller Volume of Concrete Removal Required - When only a smaller volume of concrete is required to be removed, manual lance hydro demolition is an extremely cost-effective solution.

Manual hydro demolition lancing offers the benefits of high pressure water jet concrete removal over other traditional techniques in cases of restrictions or small volume requirements:

  • The safest and most efficient method of concrete removal
  • Environmentally friendly and vibration-free
  • Leaves supporting structures in place
  • Leaves a perfect bonding surface
  • No damage to surrounding surfaces
  • Cost efficient compared to other methods

Our Equipment

We are committed to maintaining industry-leading manual lance hydro demolition equipment, ensuring we are able to offer the right solution to every project. Our experienced staff are able to identify the correct pressure and volume combinations to ensure completely effective, thorough and safe work when it comes to hand lancing and use of the equipment.

If you are interested in learning more about our Hydro Demolition Lance services, please contact our friendly team.