Cutting edge technology maximises production and efficiency, removes operator from workface and provides a safe, accurate removal method in a variety of applications.

Hydro Demolition is the controlled use of high-pressure water jet equipment to effectively remove or demolish old and damaged concrete. It provides an alternative to conventional forms of demolition, and can achieve excellent results with a wide range of structures and challenges.

The hydro demolition process is an incredibly safe and efficient way to cut and remove concrete without affecting steel substructures and other important parts of buildings or machinery.

Using hydro demolition equipment results in a sound and good quality surface, ready for reinstatement with new material. Precision control of high-pressure water jets ensures that rebars remain intact and cracks are avoided.

The Benefits of Hydro Demolition

The method of demolition by high pressure water jet is more accurate than other techniques, especially hydraulic power tools, because there are no vibrations, meaning there will be no detrimental effects such as cracking in the surrounding areas of the structure.

Water jets are much easier to target and there is very little impact on surrounding materials. The water jetting process leaves behind an outstanding bonding surface, ready to receive new coatings or applications.

It is an extremely affordable solution, making it a perfect option for businesses who are budget conscious.

The robotic hydro demolition technique is also much safer than other approaches, dramatically reducing the risk of workplace injuries and enables optimum productivity and safety, resulting in less down time.

As well as being incredibly effective, hydro demolition is also gentler on the environment. High pressure water jetting is much quieter than the heavy-duty equipment that is traditionally used, reducing the acoustic impact on surrounding areas. Waste water can easily be collected and filtered to prevent cross-contamination, and our operations comply with ISO 14001 for responsible environmental management.