Our team offers multi-purpose non-shrink and epoxy grouts, for structural and non-structural applications, including precision grouting, precast components, machinery and equipment bases and other non-shrink applications. We also offer cementitious grouting solutions across a wide range of applications.

Grout mortars are free-flowing, high-strength cement or synthetic resin-based mortars, used for filling of voids under machines and other structural elements as well as for the grouting of anchors. The first important point about grout is that it is neither mortar nor concrete – its state is somewhere in between. While it still contains the same ingredients of cement, water and sand, grout is more fluid than mortar and concrete, which makes it ideal in certain civil engineering applications. Grout’s fluidity and plasticity is essential as it is placed in voids and in tight spaces where stability is key. This is because grout is expected to not only fill the space, but also connect to the surface and any associated joints.

Construction Grouts and Concrete Repair advances in construction techniques are ongoing. In recent years, many have only become possible through corresponding developments in cementitious product design. Today's use of cementitious products in building, construction and mining is significant, and in some cases has reached the point where much of the product is an important structural component of the building.

In contrast to other structural paste products such as plaster, cement grout can produce an excellent durability and low permeability. We offer an extensive range of cementitious products, designed specifically to address the advancements in practices throughout the civil and construction markets.

Our grout products are industry-proven and tested in the toughest of conditions. This means you can trust that our grouts are built to last and perform to the highest standard.