Vacuum excavation provides a safer, low risk alternative to traditional excavation techniques. It is the smartest, safest, fastest and most economical method of excavation especially around power cables and other utilities without the risk of damage to the utility or danger of injury to the operator.

Vacuum excavation is a non-invasive technology ideally suited for excavation work on sites where existing buried assets, pipe, cable and other utilities are present.

Traditional methods of excavation can be cumbersome, time consuming and potentially dangerous resulting in damaging the utilities you are trying to locate or repair.

Key benefits of vacuum excavation are:

  • The excavation process can be finely controlled and the size of the excavation and the volume of material removed are minimised. Less spoils excavated results in reduced reinstatement costs and reduced environmental impact.
  • The speed and flexibility of the excavator is ideal for works in high-profile locations and for works in the vicinity of sensitive structures. Urban sites are often complicated by restricted and difficult access. The excavator’s telescopic reach and flexibility means it can be effective in many areas where mechanically assisted excavation is compromised.
  • As the excavation is far less labour intensive there is a significant reduction to health and safety risks due to the minimised disruption, reduced reinstatement requirements and improved safety that vacuum excavation offers.

High Impact Solutions lead the way in making excavation safe, efficient, less costly and protective of the buried infrastructure. Our high suction powered trucks expertly lift away ground, with little risk of damage or personal injury. The excavated material is contained in the vehicle rather than deposited on the side of the trench which is important in confined spaces.

Possible applications include:

  • Safe excavation around buried utilities
  • Excavation works in restricted conditions
  • Trial holes and inspection pits
  • Railway line ballast removal
  • Construction Projects
  • Working in vicinity of tree roots
  • Culvert/gully clearing
  • Sewer slit removal
  • Excavating around live services

Vacuum excavation is not only the safest method, but also the most efficient and economically friendly.

If you are interested in learning more about our Vacuum Excavation services, please contact our friendly team.