Robotic Silo Product Removal

Completed June 2018
Birkenhead, SA

Project Description

High Impact Solutions were engaged by Adelaide Brighton Cement (ABC) following an engulfment collapse during routine maintenance inside their main 16K International Export Silo. Our objective was to remove the product within the concrete silo while having no lower entry within the hazardous environment until the risk of engulfment collapse had been removed.

Reason for Engagement

With the advent of a collapsed scaffold inside the vessel ABC engaged High Impact Solutions to get involved and help find a solution. Our client had been utilizing rope access from a roof vent and a 4 inch vacuum hose prior to our engagement, completing 2 - 4 tonnes of removal per shift. The project goal was to achieve zero entry while increasing productivity and a faster return to service.

Scope of Work

Designed and Implemented 100% vacuum excavation with Brokk Australia.

Design, supply, installation and execution of:

  • Remote Robotic use of Vacuum System
  • Removal of over 300T of hardened lime built up over 30 years
  • Modified Brokk Unit with Engineered Solution for Vacuum
  • 3D Camera Use with Laptop
  • 24 hr assistance
  • 100% safety record, no near misses, removed all risk from job


  • Civil Construction
  • Robotic Demolition
  • Robotic Rock and Concrete Drilling

Key Outcomes

  • Reduced risk
  • Removed operators from hazardous environment entry until it was made safe
  • Increased removal rates from 4 tonne to 40 tonne per shift
  • Returned the asset to services months ahead of initial projections

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