We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of structural concrete. We deliver the best outcome for our clients and repair or replace utilising the best materials.

Well designed, properly constructed reinforced concrete structures are highly durable in most environments but the integrity of many assets can be impacted by aggressive service environments and severe conditions leading to cracking and corrosion of the reinforcing steel resulting in spalling or concrete cancer.

Concrete cancer can be treated in all structures. In order to effect repairs, the spalled concrete must be removed and any exposed steel must either be replaced or cleaned and treated. The area is then repaired to the original concrete profile using cement mortar, epoxy mortar or concrete, depending on the size of the damage and the structural requirements. Cracks are repaired using suitable epoxy resins, special mortars and injection techniques.

We provide tailored concrete repair services via a range of applications which address root causes and find a fit-for purpose solution to all concrete repair requirements. Types of repair applications include:

  • Wet and dry sprayed systems
  • Formed and poured sections
  • Vertical overhead rendering
  • Shotcrete
  • Hand placed

Wet Sprayed Systems

Wet sprayed concrete repair is where a pre-mixed concrete repair material is fed into a pump wet and then sprayed onto the substrate. This type of repair is usually used in medium to high volume types of repair.

Dry Sprayed Systems

The major benefits of dry sprayed (Gunite) systems to our clients is that a Gunite set up is the most cost and time efficient method of installing high volume concrete repair in the Australian market.

Hand Placed

Hand applied concrete repair is perfect for smaller repairs, hard to reach locations, minor spalling as well as facades.

Our employees have extensive experience in both large-scale concrete repair projects requiring multiple level sign-offs to smaller strata type repairs. Coupled with our purpose-built machinery base we can service every project’s needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our Concrete and Composite Repair services, please contact our friendly team.