Kangaroo Creek Dam Upgrade

Completed June 2018
Kangaroo Creek, SA

Project Description

High Impact Solutions were engaged by SA Water to remove concrete from Soffits on the spillway using Hydro Demolition.

Reason for Engagement

SA Water were undertaking a dam upgrade requiring the soffits to be taken out to allow drilling into for strengthening.

Scope of Work

Design, supply and Hydro Demolition of Soffits at top of Spillway.


  • Civil Construction
  • Robotic Hydro Demolition
  • Robotic Demolition
  • Hydro Demolition Lance
  • UHP Water Blasting
  • Structural Strengthening
  • Reinforcement Replacement
  • Robotic Rock and Concrete Drilling

Key Outcomes

  • Removed selected concrete surfaces to a preset quality depth, leaving a jagged or craggy surface that provides an extensive bonding area for the new concrete
  • Ensured all depths were maintained to plus/minus 10mm
  • Completed on time and within budget

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