16 July 2018

Another great solution by the HIS group at Adelaide Brighton Cement

Reason for Engagement

With the advent of a collapsed scaffold inside the vessel ABC engaged High Impact Solutions to get involved and help find a solution. Our client had been utilizing rope access from a roof vent and a 4 inch vacuum hose prior to our engagement, completing 2 - 4 tonnes of removal per shift. The project goal was to achieve zero entry while increasing productivity and a faster return to service.

Scope of Work

Designed and Implemented 100% vacuum excavation with Brokk Australia.

Design, supply, installation and execution of:

  • Remote Robotic use of Vacuum System
  • Removal of over 300T of hardened lime built up over 30 years
  • Modified Brokk Unit with Engineered Solution for Vacuum
  • 3D Camera Use with Laptop
  • 24 hr assistance
  • 100% safety record, no near misses, removed all risk from job


  • Civil Construction
  • Robotic Demolition
  • Robotic Rock and Concrete Drilling

Key Outcomes

  • Reduced risk
  • Removed operators from hazardous environment entry until it was made safe
  • Increased removal rates from 4 tonne to 40 tonne per shift
  • Returned the asset to services months ahead of initial projections

Project Link

Adelaide Brighton Cement Robotic Silo Product Removal