Building Facade Restoration

Completed February 2018
Adelaide, SA

Project Description

Adelaide Brighton Cement engaged High Impact Solutions to undertake building repair services to their site administration and operational buildings in Birkenhead, South Australia.

Reason for Engagement

Building maintenance and upkeep of assets

Scope of Work

  • Hydroblast (use of water only), clean and prepare 2140 square metres of exterior facade
  • Remove existing expansion joint 1150 lineal metres
  • Install new backing rods, tape and silicon expansion material over 1150 lineal metres
  • Inspect all cracking and provide a concrete condition assessment
  • Install protection over windows, door frames and other areas not requiring protective coating
  • Install protective coating by long nap rollers over 2140 square metres
  • Provide all inspection test procedures, quality assurance, atmospheric and substrate testing during and upon completion of the services
  • Provide access to all areas including administration building back side gable


  • Façade Restoration
  • Protective Coatings Replacement
  • Concrete and Composite Repair
  • Concrete Crack Injection
  • Structural Grout Replacement
  • Joint Resealing
  • Mobile Blasting and Painting

Key Outcomes

  • Modernise the look of Admin Building
  • Assimilate with other Buildings in near proximity
  • Better Corporate Image
  • Delivered on-time and within budget

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