Project Description

Cleanaway requested a proposal from High Impact Solutions for demolition and remediation of Pit 1 within their Wingfield processing plant. The Project involved demolition of the top surrounds and its steelwork, followed by reinstating a new pit and installation of Acid resistant coatings. High Impact Solutions were then engaged to manage and direct the installation of the new Pit.

Reason for Engagement

The original rubbish pit had eroded so severely that the pit was structurally unsound. Its edges had cracks causing some issues with the edges. High Impact Solutions specialist Project Management and Hydro Demolition team was engaged to eliminate the potential collapse, ensuring the safest possible demolition and reconstruction while allowing the surrounding plant to continue normal operations.

Scope of Work

  • Development of Project methodology
  • Risk Assessment meeting with Cleanaway
  • Assisting in steel structural design
  • Demolition of original Pit
  • Construction of New Pit
  • Supply and installation of Acid proofing systems
  • Management and direct installation of steel structure and Pit
  • Installation of new floor and high build coatings


  • Civil Construction
  • Earth Moving and Preparation
  • Heavy Duty Flooring
  • Hydro Demolition
  • Concrete and Composite Repair
  • Reinforcement Replacement
  • Structural Strengthening
  • UHP Water Blasting

Key Outcomes

Restoring structural integrity to the Pit, including successful application of a high quality Acid resistant coating, and delivering the project on time and on budget without incident through good management, engineering and thorough planning.

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