Bullion Rail Replacement

Completed February 2018
Adelaide, SA

Project Description

Removal and construction of the new Bullion Rails system within a short execution window.

Reason for Engagement

With our ability to complete complex tasks under difficult circumstances, High Impact Solutions were engaged to project manage, supply and execute the removal of the rail system.

Scope of Work

Demolition of the existing rails system, footing and infrastructure. Supply of the rails system, construction of the new infrastructure and Thermite welding of the new rail lines.


  • Demolition of civil infrastructure
  • Earth works and civil preparation
  • Supply and installation of all steel work
  • Supply and installation of rail lines
  • Construction of the new infrastructure
  • Remediation of the remaining infrastructure
  • Commissioning and return to service

Key Outcomes

High Impact Solutions were successful in completing the full scope of works within 30 days, ahead of schedule with Zero Incidents and Zero Injuries while remaining on budget.

Our team work day and night shift to complete:

  • 630 ton of earth and spoil removal
  • 60 ton of reinforcement installation
  • 550 m3 of concrete
  • 400m of rail installation
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